Looking for a Speaker?

Lynn Zimmering, M.A.,C.E.C., offers several presentations:

"Diabetes Coaching in a Challenging World."

An interactive Diabetes coaching group workshop that focuses on each individual's challenge to live a happy and fulfilling life as a person with Diabetes and on enhancing one's existing coping skills. We learn how to create effective and achievable goals in regard to adhering to a medical regimen and, at the same time, enjoying one's life.  The workshop(s) does not extend into medical or nutritional areas. Each workshop consists of five or six meeting.

"How to Relax Without Even Noticiing!"

You learn how to identify and reduce physical tensions in your at home or work environments.  You experience various relaxation techniques during the presentation and leave feeling better than when you came in. Each participant learns new tools to cope with the stresses of our complex modern society. These techniques have evolved from many years of research by noted physicians and psychologists and have been used to enhance various disciplines from spiritual to medical.

Contact Lynn at 1-855-441-8963 or lynn@forwardvisioncoaching.com