Diabetes Coach

Lynn, Diabetes Coach | Hackensack, NJ
Lynn Zimmering has a Master's Degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Empowerment and Emotional Intelligence Coach.  She works with individuals and groups who are exploring the ways to improve their lifestyle, be successful with managing Diabetes and other chronic diseases, to help them sustain a healthy self and professional image, to develop the social aspects of their circumstances, maintain superior productivity and manage weight control. She is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a Certified International Coach Federation school.  She works for Weight Watchers, N.A. as a meeting leader.

Health Related Management Expertise

Lynn has 20 years of experience with coping skills necessary for successful managment of Diabetes.  She has expertise in attitude adjustment, goal setting, the value of medically approved exercise and in how Diabetes affects one's spirit and character. Her current work makes her effective in dealing with weight loss issues.

Coaching Expertise

Lynn's overall coaching experience spans 24 years in corporate and small business environments and currently, in the field of weight loss.  She has excellent knowledge of group dynamincs and has coached corporate team members. She coached her recruiting candidates on a variety of career and life situations during her years as an owner/operator of a data processing recruiting firm.

Corporate Expertise

Lynn was employed for 12 years by a major consumer goods manufacturing company, 7 of those years as a supervisor of up to 18 people. She was responsible for the quality and quantity of their performance in a fast paced, state-of-the-art call center. She advised her team members on career moves and, under her supervision, was responsible for many of her team's career advancements.

Career Expertise

Lynn was the owner/operator of a successful data processing recruitment firm for 10 years during which she and her staff placed many people in career advancing jobs at major corporations. She coached her job applicants on resume writing, interviewing techniques, how to dress appropriately and corporate etiquette, among other things.

Contact Lynn at 1-855-441-8963 or lynn@forwardvisioncoaching.com