About Me

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, am a certified graduate of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coach, and the owner of Forward Vision Coaching. I live in Northern New Jersey, grew up in New York City and have lived in Providence, Rhode Island.  I lead Diabetes coaching workshops at Pascack Valley Hospital until the hospital closed and currently work as a Weight Watchers leader. The people I coach have lifestyle issues related to living with Diabetes.  In the past, I volunteered as an empowerment coach at the Grace Institute in New York City, a tuition-free, non-sectarian educational and vocational school for underserved women.

Contact me at (855) 441-8963 or at lynn@forwardvisioncoaching.net

Who Am I?

I am a coach... I am a mother and a grandmother
I am logical... I am also intuitive
I am analytical... I am deep
I am energetic... I have Diabetes
I am curious about everything... I am smarter than I used to be
I am brave... I am also frightened
I am fun to be with... I am a lady
I am a dancer... I am a friend
I am a nice person... I am cold steel
I am ruby red... I am creative
I am likeable...I am sympathetic
I am disciplined...I am worldly
This is a "fun" exercise! How about you trying it?
Place a blank piece of paper in front of you.
Then, simply answer the question: WHO AM I?
List answers to the question.  Then, compare this description of you with your current life.
Ask yourself:
Which of the qualities I've identified do I want more of  in my life?
What would it be like to be in sync with this vision of myself all the time?
What have I wanted to do in my life and haven't had the courage to do it?
How am I going to accomplish what I need to do to be  at my best?

Forward Vision Diabetes Coaching Emplowers You to Discover Your Answers to these Questions!!

Contact Lynn at 1-855-441-8963 or lynn@forwardvisioncoaching.net